There are 4 places where foodbank donations can be left

There are 4 places where foodbank donations can be left

Norwich Foodbank is still in operation

There are 4 places in the benefice where Foodbank goods can be donated:

  • Mulbarton Church Porch - anything donated here is available for free to anyone in need in the community to help themselves, but it is emptied every Monday when, whatever is there, is taken to Norwich Foodbank.
  • Mulbarton: 44 Bromedale Avenue (rainbow banner flags at door, shortly after Co-op) - free to donate, free to take, community pantry.  Essential food and household goods.
  • Mulbarton Co-op - food donated here goes to support local causes in Norfolk.
  • Bracon Ash & Hethel Village Hall Porch - items left here will be collected daily, then taken to Norwich Foodbank weekly.

    [ The Bracon Ash and Hethel collection will now extend beyond 19 April ]

For information about giving financially, please scroll to bottom of this message

Shopping List: 

* Long life milk
* Long life fruit juice
* Sponge Pudding (tinned / long life)
Tomatoes (Tinned)
* Tinned Veg - especially carrots, sweetcorn and green beans
* Tea Bags (40s and 80s)
* Instant mash potato
* Tinned Meat e.g. ham, chicken in sauce, corned beef
* Tinned Fruit
* Nappies - especially size 5 + 6
* Soap powder / washing gel (small quantities)
* Powdered milk
* Pasta Sauces - especially tomato-based (i.e. not curry sauces)
* Tinned custard
* Tinned potatoes
* Rice Pudding (Tinned)
* Instant coffee
* Cereal / snack bars
* Tinned Fish
* Biscuits (sweet)
* Packets of instant mash

Jam / Marmalade (not homemade)
* Peanut butter
* Sweets / bars of chocolate
* Petfood (dog and cat)
* Washing up liquid and sponges

Toiletries, including deodorants, shower gel, shampoo, toilet rolls, shaving gel / foam and razors etc.
(Currently well stocked with baked beans, cereal, soup, teabags, pasta and feminine hygiene products.)

Financial donations are also accepted as there is a cost involved in running the charity and including buying stock that's needed. For information about the Foodbank and about setting up a standing order, gift aid or making an online payment please go to:



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