St Mary Magdalen

A welcoming parish church at the heart of the community

Our Desires

  • To have a deep hunger for the Lord, a passion to walk daily in fellowship with and love of God, to know his constant forgiveness and healing, his power, his holiness and so much more of God's character and then to respond to him with whole-hearted worship, service and obedience.
  • To serve our fellow church members in practical ways and to encourage them in their Christian walk.
  • To be a secure place for people to rest in God's love, to grow in Christian maturity and in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit.
  • To reach into the community with the Gospel of Christ and in acts of service with the hope that they will be drawn into a living relationship with the risen Jesus, for his is the only name by which our neighbours, colleagues and friends may find peace with God.
  • To be a place for renewal and revival in this parish and the locality.

Our Commitment

  • To be fully obedient disciples of Christ.
  • To hold fully to the authority of the Bible and to embrace the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. We seek to be a church motivated by both the Word of God and the prompting of God's Spirit.
  • To take seriously our citizenship of this world (Romans chapter 13), and encourage fair trade and justice as encouraged by the Old Testament prophets (e.g. Micah 6 v.8).

We Seek...

  • ...The leading and anointing of the Holy Spirit in all we undertake for him. To this end we long to become a prophetic church which is ever listening to the voice of God through Scripture, prayer and worship.

Charity Number: 1156897


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Coming Up Next...

Thy Kingdom Come

A global wave of prayer from Ascension Day to Pentecost

For 11 days, Christians from all denominations around the world commit to spending special time in prayer for the people they know as well as the whole world as we shine a light on the darkness of this world.  This finishes on the Day of Pentecost  - the great celebration of the coming of the promised Holy Spirit.  This has been happening for a few years now but this year is a bit different – for obvious reasons!  To celebrate Christians joining in prayer this year we are combining forces, and encouraging everyone to join in with opportunities locally, in the deanery (collection of local churches, from Hingham to Cringleford) as well as the wider diocese, and national and global church.

Find out more on the dedicated website:

We are invited to pray with Christians worldwide for God’s Spirit to empower OURSELVES to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and for OTHER PEOPLE to come to know Jesus. Each day there is a theme – pray about that theme for YOURSELF and for OTHERS (maybe 5 – friends, family, neighbours) that they may be drawn closer to Jesus. Readings are added to help you think about each theme.

Ascension Day – BELONGING   (Ephesians 1 verses 3 to 8)

Friday 22nd – GRACE  (Ephesians 2 verses 8 to 10)

Saturday 23rd – COURAGE  (Joshua 1 verses 7 to 9)

Sunday 24th – WISDOM  (Proverbs 2 verses 1 to 6)

Monday 25th – JOY  (Psalm 98)

Tuesday 26th – COMPASSION  (Luke 15 verses 11 to 24)

Wed 27th - FORGIVENESS  (Matthew 18 verses 21 to 35)

Thur 28th – HEALING  (Revelation 21 verses 3 & 4  and chapter 22 verses 1 to 5)

Fri 29th – HOPE  (Titus 3 verses 3 to 8 & Romans 15 v. 13)

Saturday 30th - PEACE  (Philippians 4 verses 6 & 7)

Pentecost Sunday – LOVE (John 13 verses 34 & 35; also 1st letter of John 4 verses 8 to 11 & 1 Corinthians 13)


So, what's actually happening?!?

Online Daily Prayer

Over the Deanery and Diocese we can offer the following to connect with:

Mulbarton Church

You can join in with Morning Prayer 9:15am-9:45am Monday to Thursday. Bring a coffee. Opportunity to connect, discuss a Bible passage and say some prayers, for half an hour each day of the week. Zoom Meeting ID: 878 150 264

Hethersett Church

Most Weekdays at 1030 a Short act of Morning Prayer can be found at:

Hingham and High Oak

Midday Prayer at 12 noon each day can be found on


Diocesan Compline

Join Bishop Graham, assisted by others, at 9pm every night of this period for Compline. 

Compline will be held every evening starting on Thursday 21 May (Ascension Day) until (and including) Saturday 30 May.

Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 955 0124 5043

Password: 955067

Liturgy can be found here:


Humbleyard Deanery Day of Prayer:

As a deanery we are asking people to sign up to slots to pray.  We are concentrating this on the 12 hours between 9am and 9pm on the day before Pentecost, Sat 30 May, as we aim to wait with the disciples.  You can pray however you would like to – that might be doing a prayer walk around your area, opening up the Pentecost Story and asking God to work like that once more, sitting in silence, colouring, drawing, listening to music…however you pray – pray. 

To encourage us all, Graham in Cringleford has kindly put up a sign up sheet to try to make sure we can cover all 12 hours – more than one person can sign up for each slot!  The link is:

We are then inviting people to join in with the Diocesan Compline at 9pm (see above) whenever their slot was or even if they didn’t have a slot!


Prayer and Reflection Resources

Susanna Gunner, the Diocese Director for Prayer and Spirituality is producing daily reflections for this period to guide us through and encourage us to pray.  These can be found here:

Cringleford Church plan to post some short interactive prayers suitable for all ages on - these will be put up at various times during the week.

There is also a very good app which not only includes a daily Podcast by former Bishop of Durham Tom Wright but also a Family Podcast to help all the family pray.  Search for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ on your devices App Store.  It also has daily prayers on it.


Something for the Younger Ones (Or young at heart!)

Finally there is an interactive map and VR game for mobile devices available!  This is really fun (especially enjoyable is the sheep game) but also great at helping to get people thinking about prayer.  You need to print the map off from (where there is also instructions!) and download the app by searching ‘TKC MAP AR’ in your app store.

Contact Adrian for more details - 01508 571167

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How To Find Us

The Church is situated close the B1113, next to the ancient duck pond at the north east end of the Common.

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