Mulbarton Community Choir - Lyric Writing Competition

Mulbarton Community Choir are holding a 'Lyric Writing Competition' to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One.

The choir are looking for a school student to write new words to the chorus of ‘Song of Liberty’, a poem set to Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No.4.There will be two categories: primary school age and secondary school age. One winner from each category will be chosen. Both winners will hear their lyrics read out during Mulbarton Community Choir’s Remembrance concert on Saturday 10 November in St Remigius’ Church, Hethersett. There will be one overall winner, whose entry will be performed by the choir at the Remembrance concert. The overall winning entry will be announced on the night of the concert. The winner of each category will win £25 for themselves and two complimentary tickets to Mulbarton Community Choir’s Remembrance concert with Norfolk Wherry Brass. They will also win a WW1-themed book for their school’s library, to be presented to the school by representatives of the choir. The overall winner will win an additional £25 for themselves. It has been possible to run this competition due to the award of a grant from South Norfolk Council.

The closing date for entries is 5pm, Friday 19th Entries should be sent to Lin Goram, either by email at, or by post to 31 Catmere Herne, Mulbarton, Norfolk, NR14 8NU.


Competition Entry Form: 

Competition Details and Rules: 

Song of Liberty Information: 

Song of Liberty Recording: (Please note that we have no control over the content of external websites)

Resources for Teachers:

If you are a teacher and would like to encourage your students to participate in this competition; why not make use of our lesson plans and PowerPoint resources.

Seconday Lesson Plan: 

Primary Lesson Plan: 

PowerPoint resources for both lessons can be found here: 


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The super glue of life

So, Christmas is a distant memory now, there are signs of spring around us already, and life is zooming by.  We're into the special season of Lent, early this year, and Easter is fast approaching.

This year Ash Wednesday the day Lent begins, fell on Valentine's Day for the first time since 1945 (though it will happen twice more in the next 11 years).  It made an interesting juxtaposition of celebrating romantic love on the one hand and on the other hand beginning to engage with a season of serious reflection and penitence.  And yet it wasn't entirely unfitting.

As many of us gathered at Bracon Ash Church on Ash Wednesday, it was a privilege for me to make the sign of the cross on people's foreheads with ash, as a sign that we were each wanting to accept all that the cross of Jesus has secured for us, and to live our lives more fully and deeply in its light.  The cross reminds us of the depths of the love of God, and so fitting after all for Valentine's Day.  This kind of self-sacrificial love is what motivates us to pursue change in our lives through this penitential season.

On Ash Wednesday , we considered the journey of the Pharisees from Jerusalam to Galilee in search of Jesus.  They had heard about this new teacher and miracle-maker, and wanted to see for themselves.  There was no hint that they were against him at this stage - just really wanting to find out more. They arrived, observed what was happening and had questions, which they put to Jesus.  We too might be approaching Jesus this Lent with questions about what we see around us, about God, the Bible, church.  What those Pharisees didn't anticipate is that Jesus immediately saw right to the heart of the real issues that mattered for them, and he challenged them very strongly about what they were missing, with questions of his own.  It was a surprisingly penetrating and uncomfortable encounter for those unsuspecting Pharisees, who were faced with having to make a decision to change or to resist.  As we truly approach Jesus ourselves, it is possible that we too might discover a need for change.

As you observe this season, by giving something up, taking something on, saying extra prayers, attending one of our mid-week groups, or whatever, I'm praying that you will truly encounter the God who sees, who knows and who helps us to change.  This is a time when we are mindful of the things we all say, think and do that hurt others and hurt God.  It's a time when we may well feel the need to say “I'm sorry.”

In any healthy relationship, those two words are important.  They  are  also  two  words  which  can  cause  healing,  build bridges  and  enable  relationships  to  be  repaired  within communities as well as between individuals.   They are two powerful words which, when truly meant, are never easy to say, but are essential if relationships are to move forward.

As Christians, we also believe that when we speak those two words, God always responds with forgiveness.

“An apology is the super glue of life.  It can repair just about anything.”  Lynn Johnston


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Free Daily Devotionals

There are copies of the new Quarterly Daily Devotionals from United Christian Broadcasters at the back of each of our Churches – do take one or consider joining their mailing list to receive your own free copy – you can contact them directly on 0845 6040401 or contact me, as your local rep for Christian Broadcasting and Care for the Family, and I’ll pass on your details.


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The Magazine

Do you read The Magazine? I don't mean our benefice Mardle, nor even Mulbarton Parish News (often referred to as 'the magazine'). I mean The Magazine, produced by the Diocese of Norwich. It used to be quite boring: lists of vicars, died or moving; what other parishes have done/will be doing..... But not any longer - it is a good read with helpful articles on a bi-monthly theme. Last autumn's on Mental Health raised lots of issues; Nov/Dec was challenging - on being a Christian at work; and the current one, Jan/Feb is about the Bible and Bible Study. Very appropriate for Lent! 

Copies are normally available at the back of church - in that corner you forget to go to 'cos you are chatting as you go out..... Have a look, pick one up, read it, pass it on.... And if they go too quickly and you can't find one, have a word with Caroline and she can order more each time. After all, we pay for them as part of our Parish Share!

But I really do recommend everyone takes one and dips into it: The Magazine is a really useful and helpful Christian magazine.


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New Eco-Friendly Heating

Hethel Church has been granted their faculty to install air-source heat pumps to heat the air in church.  Praise the Lord!  And many thanks to Peter's sterling efforts to do some ground-breaking research, and spear-head the project.  Hethel also secured a £4,500 grant from British Airways Carbon Fund towards the project. 

Mulbarton Church has its application in as I write, and we will know the outcome by the middle of February.  All bodies have made their views known now and we have had a chance to respond.  South Norfolk have given planning permission.  The DAC have given a certificate of recommendation.  Public notices have had their time.  We are just waiting for the Chancellor to give the final go-ahead, and for the BA Carbon Fund to decide on whether it will award Mulbarton £4,500 as well.  Please pray that there will be no further spanners in the works, that all the funds will be there for both projects and that the work will be able to proceed without a hitch.


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Mulbarton Mardlers - First Birthday!

There are usually 35-40 each 4th Tuesday of every month in the Social Club 2:30 – 4:30p.m. On 16 December our Christmas party in the Village Hall brought around 70 together, including friends and families, and a good time was had by all!

If you know anyone who is on their own and may enjoy an afternoon out please take an invite from the back of church, Caroline’s office, or see Sue Mellows. The current invites cover January through to April. Transport is available if needed.

We would always welcome volunteers to drive or to come to chat to visitors during the afternoon.  You do not need to commit to being available every month.  If you are interested in helping in any way just speak to Sue or simply pop in to see us one Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks for the faithful band of bakers who provide us with goodies. Added with those that Angie from the Social club provides, we have a wonderful spread each time!

February’s Mardlers will be on Tuesday 27th.  And looking forward to March, we will be having a small celebration for Easter, also on Tuesday 27th, but 2:30 – 5:00 p.m., when the Social Club will also be running some games of bingo.    


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Swap Shop Report

Our January Swap Shop at Harvest House was the third one we've run, where we invite people to come with up to 3 items and swap them.  There is also free drinks and cake, and a chance to meet others.  Donations in the pot all go to a local charity chosen at random from those nominated by people who come.

On 13 Jan 2018, about 30 people came along, over 50 items were swapped, and £24 was raised for Mulbarton Cubs.  There was a great atmosphere through the afternoon, as visitors had a lot of fun with the swapping - and there were some really high quality items that changed hands.  Thanks to those who baked delicious cakes for it, those who helped serve in the kitchen, and to Sarah for organising.

Do look out for the next one later this year - 28th April!


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Journeying with Joy?

Having preached through all of our 6 values, I think I’ve been most struck with this one about joy.  We value finding joy in the journey, but the reality is that for many of us joy is often elusive.  What can we learn and how can we experience more joy in our own journeys?

The Bible talks an awful lot about joy, and describes many sources of joy: good news, harmonious families, justice, wisdom, the presence of God, and much else.  There’s also a deeper level in which we seem to be encouraged to carry joy with us even when our circumstances seem against us.

Joy: The Gift

In Romans 15, we see that that real joy is a gift from God. Paul was following Jesus, praying confidently for the church, that Jew and Gentile alike would be filled with joy and peace.  Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus have had some bitter disagreements

and strained relationships over the years.  Paul was at pains to have them accept one another, just as Christ accepted them both.  He was imploring them to follow Jesus’ example.  And Paul knew that the way they would be transformed in their relationships with each other was by this experience of the God of hope, filling them with joy and peace, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  There may be lessons from that today where relationships are strained. God wants joy for us, He is prepared to give it, and it makes a huge difference, not only to us personally and individually, but corporately – it overflows to others.

Joy: The Choice

So joy is a gift from God that we seek after.  And yet the other side of the coin is that joy is also something we choose.  We see both Jesus (e.g. Luke 10) and Paul (e.g. Phil. 4) telling us to choose to rejoice, and especially to rejoice in the Lord and in what He’s done for us.  Sometimes, we can’t help it – the joy just bubbles us, but sometimes it requires an active decision from us.

Joy: Sharing Life

The disciples experienced their biggest joy, described in Luke 10, when they were out sharing life with their communities, according to the strategy Jesus had given them, and because it was appropriate and sensitive to their context, it was working.  And when Paul reflected on joy in 1 Thess. 2:17-19, he recognised that it was the people themselves with whom he had been able to share life that were his joy.

So, receive the gift, make the choice, share life, and I pray that we will all find more and more joy in the journey.


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