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Hethel Church is a bit off the beaten track, up a cul-de-sac from the west end of Bracon Ash, where School Road meets Cranes Lane. The building is old (the cornered flint tower is Norman, and has been dated 1110AD by dendrochronology - just a little older than Norwich Cathedral!) but in excellent condition, with an unusual 17th century alabaster monument at one end - the beautifully carved effigies of the members of the Branthwaite family. The church is unusually light - not a piece of stained glass in sight - and beautifully kept.

It's a place of peace where many come to rest, relax, pray, sit and think, or listen for the voice of God. There are a number of footpaths nearby as well as Hethel Old Thorn (Norfolk Wildlife Trust), so it's a good place to mix indoor and outdoor 'space'. (This link will tell you more)

On the second Sunday of each month at 8.30am, the people of Hethel Church meet to worship the living God and to share bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus. Recognising that we are all different, we also put on a number of occasional activities, which offer alternative ways of exploring faith or worshipping God. These have ranged from a quiet afternoon to alternative forms of short service to brainstorming Christian approaches to thinking about windfarms.

We believe that God is worshipped in many ways, not just in one-hour slots on a Sunday. So we celebrate and enjoy creation and run events connected with the countryside around us. In recent years, South Norfolk Council Rangers helped us make bumble bee nestboxes and their ecologist led a walk in the area. Norfolk Wildlife Trust volunteers help us manage the churchyard so that orchids and other wildflowers flourish in summer. NWT also led a walk to the ancient wood half a mile away, and on another occasion BTO met us at 4am for a dawn chorus walk.
Likewise we value the arts and all things that are beautiful, for example our unusual chamber organ has recently been refurbished and we have participated in the Art Alive in Norfolk Churches festival.
And we believe that following Jesus means finding God's way in all areas of living. So we are concerned to protect the environment, try to engage fully with local/community issues and are working through both personal and church responses to climate care.

We take the line that strangers are friends we have not yet met and we go out of our way to make newcomers welcome (whilst respecting their possible need to be 'let be'). Please join us at any of our events, or just enjoy the church building on your own in whatever way blesses you. There are prayer cards and a book in which to write requests, displays, and books to borrow.


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Morning Prayer in Advent

 Do you long to find a space to think? Do you wish you could find a place to pray?

Then why not join us for Morning Prayer during Advent in the beautiful, tranquil and peaceful surroundings of Bracon Ash Church on Friday mornings from 9:15 - 9:45am. During our time together we will be lighting the Advent wreath, seeking God's peace, reading the Bible, and praying for the needs of the world, others and ourselves. 

We will also have our prayer tree available, where you can come and write a prayer for a person, situation, or remember a loved one who has died.

Everyone is welcome and you don't need to be an experienced pray-er to join in. You are also welcome to come and sit quietly whilst others pray in the church. Refreshments are also available.

Bracon Ash Church can be found on School Road. Travelling from Mulbarton south on the B1113, turn first right after the roundabout and continue along School Road. The church is situated on the left, opposite Bracon Hall. Click on the link to find a map of the area on Google maps Bracon Ash Church

If you would like to pray Morning, Evening, or Night Prayer using a computer, tablet or mobile, click on the link to the Church of England website which has all the resouces you need to get started Daily Prayer 

(Please note that we have no control over the content of external websites)

Contact Andrew for more details - 01508 500343

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Morning Prayer in Advent (1 week to go)


#ChristmasRocks Crib Service (1 week to go)


Family Communion (2 weeks to go)


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Can you help the Angels find their way to the nativity?

We'll be launching and praying for the #ChristmasRocks at our carol service at 4pm in Hethel Church on Sunday 10th December 

From Tuesday 12 December to Christmas Eve, there will be a heavenly host of angels around Bracon Ash and Hethel. Can you find them?
30 Angel Rocks will be placed around our two villages. When you find one, you can take it home. Take a photo as well and post it on our Facebook page along with #ChristmasRocks. And keep hunting! You can post as many photos of Angel Rocks as you like (but please only take one per child home). If you can't findany, don't worry – make and photograph your own.Then bring an Angel Rock you have found - or made – to the #ChristmasRocks Crib Service at 4 pm on Christmas Eve at Bracon Ash Church and help to tell the Christmas Story!

Here are some clues to help you find an angel rock:

#ChristmasRocks clues: Rocks can be found near a post, sign, object or building.

Around Bracon Ash. Have fun finding angels!
1. Number 37 will come here.
2. The slatted doors keep leaves not visitors out!
3. Mergate Farm House can be seen from this Mergate Lane sign.
4. Dr Who has a blue one whilst ours is red.
5. Climb up for a slide.
6. A 510 Yard hole.
7. Sitting here a bus might come, but cars and lorries go by all the time.
8. St Nicholas has a Car Gate and a Small Gate.
9. Lots of wheels for sale here.
10. Where a zip line starts.
11. The sign on The Common showing that it is home to these creatures.
12. Three different Bishops' hats on a big post.
13. A train that goes nowhere.
14. 6 miles to Norwich and 103 to London.
15. Sit here to view the War Memorial.

Around Hethel. Have fun finding angels!
1. Here is where we remember 588 lost lives.
2. Where Mr Crane met the Spong?
3. (Un)scramble the "porous glut" and it's near the walkers' gate.
4. How old? They say at least 700 years!
5. No yellow ribbon around this, just a chain. OK for walkers but 'No
Horses' please in Bush Close.
6. Stops a spin in the snow where roads meet.
7. Drivers: this notice marks the entrance to 389th Memorial Museum.
8. Five wooden "houses" in a row in the woods. Could one be a stable?
9. Gone a-Drift? Take the weight off your feet.
10. Run out of road? You can walk from here near The Track.
11. Set in stone, this couple look very fine.
12. Sorry, can't get any closer to this huge water container.
13. Park and walk to this Protected Wildlife Area. Need directions?
14. Where Potash Lane runs into doubt. Is it Hethel?
15. Find out what's going on at All Saints Church.



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