Lent Course 2019: The Prophetic Voice of India

Lent Course 2019: The Prophetic Voice of India

This year's Lent Course runs on Wednesday evenings, from 13th March to 10th April.  We meet in the Lounge at Hanover at 7.30pm, and will finish by 9.15pm.

The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel has produced a free booklet that we'll be using, in we which we listen to and reflect upon the prophetic voice from India. Each evening will consider a different theme.

The five-week study course looks at the radical nature of the gospel, with a special focus on the church in India.

"We might think the prophetic voice belongs to the Old Testament, but we want to show there are still many prophets to be found throughout the world church today.

"The prophets’ voices are challenging because they alert us to issues we might want to ignore - they call us to be like Jesus, who stood on the margins, comforting the oppressed and challenging those who are comfortable."

Study 1: Community – inspiring congregations to be dynamic in mission.
Study 2: Injustice – taking action to combat human trafficking.
Study 3: Gender – a skills training programme is giving women a new lease of life.
Study 4: Climate – schools are inspiring a new generation to care for the environment.
Study 5: Hope – giving hope to India’s marginalised Dalit and tribal peoples.

See more details of the course here



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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Love God and love others.  Sounds simple enough.  How hard can it be?  We know it's the way of life that Jesus introduced to the world.  It sounds good.  I've not met a Christian who disagrees with the sentiment.  And yet, in practice, it doesn't always work out the way we imagine.  Just how do we do it?

Do we just make a decision, pray a one-line prayer, and we're good to go?

Or do we actually need to invest time and effort and learn new disciplines in order to cultivate a real life of devotion - of living in the Father's love and knowing Jesus?  And if, like me, you realise that this is something that doesn't just come automatically, how do we do it effectively?

The reality is that many professing Christians remain too long in the shallows of divine love, and rarely experience the depths that God offers.  There are unvisited emotions, locked away under the surface of our lives.  There are unrecognised and ungrieved losses that we've experienced.  There are unresolved issues and unprocessed conditioning from our past that tie us to old unredeemed ways.  There are pressures and expectations, lifestyle patterns and choices, that keep us from the sustaining rhythms and rules of love and devotion.

When we slow down and take the time to face these things and explore them, like many before us, we can find lasting transformation that connects us with the love of God and new ways of living and being.

Peter Scazzero was a leader of a church in New York, which appeared to be flourishing.  He was doing all the things that looked good, and earned admiration from certain sectors of the church - but the reality was that he was too stressed and busy to properly attend to his family, his own soul or his life with God.  After a crunch time came, he took 4 months out of ministry and learnt some really important things about emotional health, which utterly transformed the church, and has since developed into the discipleship course, which we are preparing to look at over Lent next year.

I'm still really enthused about this, but for various reasons, have realised that we need to postpone the course until next year.  In the meantime, I'll be running a course in Autumn 2019 for those who will be leading the course in 2020. If you're interested in helping lead it, please get in touch.  It is the sort of thing that will work much better if there's a group of people who have already deeply engaged with the material and are able to lead by example and inspiration. This is about discipleship that actually changes lives,so it takes investment and preparation.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this journey with others in our group of villages.  Before Lent 2020, anybody can get hold of the books and begin to take the journey right now.

This Lent, instead, we'll run a 5-week course, from 13 March, Wednesday evenings, looking at the prophetic voice from India.


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Puzzling Questions

Puzzling Questions

Conversation evenings on the six highest voted puzzling questions of life:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is God like?
  3. What happens after I die?
  4. How can I be happy?
  5. Why is there suffering in the world?
  6. What is the spiritual world, and how does it impact my life?

Peter and Cathy Nicholls will be leading conversations at their home in Hethel every Monday night, starting Monday 28 January, spending an evening on each of these 6 puzzling questions.  An opportunity to explore some of life's deeper issues.

All are welcome.


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